As part of psychotherapy South Croydon, I offer counselling and psychotherapy south croydon with the aim of treating a wide variety of psychological and personality disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder.

Known as PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder occurs, as the name suggests, after a traumatic event. This could include an accident or disaster, a death or a particularly traumatic or dangerous time such as being taken hostage, being a victim of crime or being involved in active service as part of the armed forces. Although the trigger itself may vary from person to person, the common factor in all cases of PTSD is that some form of traumatic event was to blame for the disorder presenting in the first place.

Because different people react in different ways to different circumstances, the symptoms which may be experienced following the traumatic event may vary from person to person. However, common symptoms involve a sense of fear or dread, insomnia, a change in personality, increased aggression, difficulty in concentrating or retaining memories and a need to distance themselves from friends and family.

If left untreated or undiscovered, the symptoms can become worse and last for much longer, which is why the fast and effective treatment of PTSD is so very important.

Although many people believe that traditional counselling may not improve the symptoms of PTSD, there is evidence that a form of psychotherapy known as cognitive behavioural therapy (or “CBT”) may be of particular benefit, along with a variety of other therapies. From my consultancy in South Croydon, I am able to offer CBT.

CBT works to treat post-traumatic stress disorder on the basis that unwanted thinking patterns (such as recalling the traumatic event) are learned over a period of time and as such as be “unlearned.” We therefore enter CBT with the aim of identifying those thought patterns and eradicating them; replacing them with more positive thought processes and allowing the person to deal effectively with the traumatic event.

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